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Shared Office Space

4 Benefits of Shared Office Space

Times are changing quickly. There are plenty of new trends that businesses are taking advantage of these days to cut down on costs and focus on work. Shared office space is a place where multiple businesses work in an open-plan office. There are tons of benefits associated with shared offices in NY, especially if your business is a startup or lean on capital. Shared offices typically have great wifi, telephone access, and other normal accommodations like coffee and receptionists. Some businesses are opting for an even leaner setup with a virtual office in NY, but having a physical location with a shared office in NY is essential for many companies. Keep reading on to learn about 4 benefits of shared office space.

  • Cost Benefits

    Signing a lease for a year or longer is a huge financial commitment for small businesses and startups who don’t necessarily know where they will be in a year. With a shared office in NY, businesses can save tons of money on their office expenses. You can typically use a shared office in NY by the hour, by the day, by the week, or by the month. That means you have the flexibility of paying for only what you need. These cost benefits are a huge plus for many small business owners.


  • Improved Productivity

It’s true that remote work has opened a lot of doors into employee productivity, but there’s simply no substitute for working together in a physical location. A shared office in NY will motivate you and your employees to focus, network with other people, and collaborate with their teams. You can create the perfect environment for your business that is conducive to productivity with a shared office in NY, and this is a huge benefit.


  • Flexible Schedule

Another great feature of a shared office in NY is that they offer business owners a flexible schedule. It doesn’t matter if you are a night owl or a morning person, as long as you have an ID card you can enter the shared office space and get some work done. Setting your own schedule is a great perk for anyone starting or trying to grow their business.


  • Easier Communication with Your Team

The internet has provided new ways of connecting with each other over the years. This is a nice perk, but there isn’t really a substitute for face-to-face conversations with your team. With a shared office in NY, you can bring your team together in a physical location for easier communication.

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Reasons Why You Need a Professional Business Address

If you are a small business owner and are trying to grow your tiny organization into an empire, there are certain things that are non-negotiable. Hard work, spending money wisely, and smart marketing are all essential to your success. But there is one thing that many business owners might overlook when it comes to growing their business. A real business needs a professional business address to be taken seriously. Having a professional business address makes your company seem legitimate to potential customers and clients. It allows you to provide a great first impression and take your business to new levels. A shared office in NY or virtual office in NY like Crestview Conference Center can help you get set up with a professional business address at an affordable price. Keep reading on to learn some of the main reasons why you need a professional business address.


  1. Helps You Gain Trust

If you are seeking high-net-worth clients and customer that will spend their hard earned money on your products or services, you need to appear trustworthy. If a business doesn’t have a physical address, people will start to question if they are even a real company. You can also physically meet people in your shared office in NY, if necessary, to close deals and collaborate. Without a professional address, you will have a hard time gaining the trust of potential customers and clients.


  1. Provides Convenience

As a business owner, there are several reasons why having a professional business address with a virtual office in NY or a shared office in NY will make your life easier. The convenience of post collection and call answering services are both huge perks that are associated with office space at Crestview Conference Center. If you ever need to actually head into the office to get some work done, you will have a physical location to go to. Also, having a single physical address for all legal matters and mail is a lot easier than not having one.


  1. Make a Great Impression

If you are a serious business owner, but you are using a PO Box or a home address for your business dealings, you are probably not making the best impression on your customers and clients. With a professional address, your business will instantly seem successful to people. The business world is simply too competitive not to invest in a shared office in NY that will provide you with a professional address.

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Tips for Making People Excited to Attend Your Event

One of the keys to hosting a successful conference or work event is to get people excited about it. You want attendees to feel like it’s a privilege to be there, not a chore. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a training event, an awards ceremony, or a business conference, creating anticipation for the event is paramount. Crestview Conference Center is the premier conference space in NY and we have been hosting events for years. We know what it takes to get people excited for conferences, which is why we wanted to provide you with a few tips below.

  • Make Sure You Are Targeting the Right Audience

Part of creating an event that really makes an impact is defining who your target audience is. After you’ve done that, you can create marketing materials and professional event announcements to start to build hype around the event. If your goal is to attract new sales for your organization, work hard on creating messaging that sells the event and your services.

  • Choose a Great Conference Center

The location of your conference or event is probably the most important decision. Choose a place like Crestview Conference Center that will ensure a great turnout. We can provide you with the best conference center in NY so that your guests won’t have to travel far. Our cutting edge facilities are sure to help create an unforgettable event and assist you with accomplishing all of your business goals. We can offer catering for your event, our conference space in NY features the latest technology, and we offer help with logistics as well. Choosing a great conference center is a must if you want people to be excited about your event.

  • Partner Up with Other Organizations

The last tip for getting people excited about your conference or event is to partner up with another organization. For example, involving a charitable organization in your event is a great way to attract more people and support a good cause. You can also work with potential business partners to create new opportunities for your company and attract a new client base. The possibilities are endless!

We hope these tips have provided some actionable insights for creating an amazing event. Remember, if you are looking for coworking space in NY or the best conference center in NY, look no further than Crestview Conference Center.

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How to Break the Ice at Your Next Conference or Work Event

Work events and conferences can be excellent opportunities to bond with your team and educate a group about a cause or initiative. With the right conference space in NY, you can build the foundation of a more productive team and impart valuable knowledge on your employees and colleagues. Crestview Conference Center can help you create the perfect environment for an event or conference at a great price. We’ve put together a few pointers on how to break the ice at your next conference or work event below.

  • Two Truths and a Lie

Getting a conference off to the right start is easier said than done. That’s why a thought-provoking icebreaker can be such a difference maker. One way to start things off is by asking the attendees to come up with two truths and a lie. They will then share their responses individually with the group and the other participants will try to guess what the lie is. This is perfect for new hire events.

  • Personal Best Sharing

Another way to break the ice at a work event and make everyone participate is to have the group share the personal career bests. This will encourage everyone to communicate and interact with each other. Allow the members to break off into small groups and share their stories for a great way to help them bond and create chemistry with each other.

  • One Word Icebreaker

Sometimes, you simply want the participants in your conference space in NY to get started right away with team building activity. That’s where the one-word icebreaker comes into play. You can ask the participants to describe something with one word and then share with their teammates to really get them thinking. It helps to start off by giving them an example such as describing their job in one word.

  • Sharing Favorites

You want everyone to feel comfortable and stress-free in a conference or work event. Asking the group to share their favorites is one way to do this. You can keep things work-related, like asking “what are your three favorite things about this company?” or you can go with something that is personal like “what is your favorite food and why?” Anything you can do to get people comfortable in the conference space in NY will get things started off the right way.

If you are looking for the premier conference center in NY, look no further than Crestview Conference Center. We can provide you with an amazing conference space in NY or shared office space in NY to meet your every business need. Reach out today to get started with reserving your conference space.

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3 Meeting Space Options to Consider for Your Business

Let’s face it, owning a business is tough work. Each one of your decisions has a ripple effect that delivers lasting impacts to your entire operation. It always helps to consider different answers to the same problem in order to keep your options open and make the best possible decision for the future of your business. For example, let’s think about the issue of finding a space for meetings. Sometimes, you are trying to keep your office space lean and don’t have a great space to house a lot of people at once. That’s why there are great options like Crestview Conference Center to check out. Below, we will discuss a few great options for meeting spaces below so that you can take the right decision for your business.


1. Virtual Offices

A virtual office in NY can be a solution to your meeting space needs. All you need is a quiet location, a camera, and an internet connection to hold a meeting. It’s an option that can connect people from all over the world and maximize productivity. A virtual office in New York can also save you money on overhead since it’s a very cost-effective option.


2. Shared Offices

This is a newer concept that allows multiple businesses to house their offices and meeting space all in one location. Finding a shared office in NY isn’t too big of a challenge, but you have to be willing to cooperate with other businesses. For example, sometimes there might be schedule conflicts. Maybe both businesses need to use the meeting space of the shared office at once, which can mean that one business will need to sacrifice their meeting. A shared office in NY can definitely help you save some money, but it will come at a cost.


3. Conference Spaces

When you need space to hold a meeting, teach a training, or put on a conference, you can’t go wrong with a conference space in NY. These spaces are versatile and can comfortably hold tons of people for your meeting or business needs. Crestview Conference Center is the best conference center in NY and we would love to house your next important business event. Our rates are reasonable, which means you can hold a meeting on any scale for a good price.

4 Reasons to Seriously Consider a Coworking Space

The age old question of where to house a business is something that keeps many entrepreneurs and startup owners up late at night. Every option and location has its own price point, advantages, and disadvantages. There are so many different places and office types to choose from, it can get overwhelming quickly. However, one type of workspace has been steadily increasing in popularity over the years. Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why you should seriously consider going with a coworking space for your office needs.


  1. It’s Cost-Effective

Every business, no matter how big or small, is looking to keep their overhead low. With a coworking space in NY, you can save big on office overhead costs. Long leases and expensive agreements can put unneeded stress on business owners during their growth stages. A coworking space provides flexibility and affordability. Either go with one single desk or as many as you need depending on your business needs. Shared office space in NY is definitely going to save you money in the long run.


  1. Decreased Stress

A great benefit of coworking space in NY is that working there can actually help to reduce stress. The environment of many coworking spaces is a positive one where business owners gather together to make the most of each day. You can talk to fellow entrepreneurs and startup owners to work through problems and simply have a progressive conversation. Traditional office spaces can keep you isolated and also add more stress due to their costs.


  1. Networking Opportunities Galore

Coworking spaces offer plenty of opportunities to network and meet like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs. You might meet a great contact in a shared office in NY that helps to take your business to an entirely new level. Coworking spaces attract all different types of businesses, which means many opportunities to meet new people that can provide valuable insight and additional opportunities.


  1. Flexibility

A big plus for a coworking space in NY is that it offers a lot of flexibility. It’s easy to scale your business based on your needs without an expensive long-term lease. Many of these types of spaces offer a virtual office in NY as well to connect with clients across the world. You can sign a contract based on your needs at the time and go from there. Don’t feel like you have to sign a lease for a big office space when all you need is a shared office in NY.