How to Build a Coworking Community

One of the big advantages of a coworking space in NY is the sense of community. You have tons of different businesses and entrepreneurs all working together in the same area, which allows for unlimited collaboration and creativity. Shared offices in NY are changing the way that businesses conduct their daily work, which is why it’s always a good idea to explore using one for your business. Building a coworking community doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes a little bit of strategy and effort. That’s the reason why we’ve put together the following article on how to build a coworking community so that you can make the most out of your coworking space in NY.


Branch Out

You will never get that sense of community and collaboration in your shared office in NY if you don’t branch out. It’s easy to stay focused on your work and avoid the other people in your shared office, which is why you should place an emphasis on branching out and connecting with other individuals. That way, you can share ideas, learn about what other businesses are there with you, and network. Don’t be shy, make sure you are taking the appropriate opportunities to speak with other people in your coworking space in NY. You never know when you might meet a new business partner or receive a new opportunity.


Encourage Events

It can be tough to find the time during the day to speak with other members of your coworking space in NY, which is why it’s a good idea to encourage the coworking space to put on group events. Things like happy hours, dinner nights, and potlucks are great ways to encourage networking. You can meet people from your shared office space and learn about what type of work they are doing in a relaxed and laid back setting. If the coworking center is reluctant to put on group events, you can arrange them on your own.


Create an Induction Process

Another great way to build a coworking community is to create an induction process. That way, any new businesses that decide to work at your shared office in NY will have an opportunity to introduce themselves. The induction process allows new businesses to feel welcome and at home in your shared office community. It’s a great idea that can help create new relationships and highlight your coworking community.