How to Keep Guests Engaged During a Conference

There are a lot of things that need to be organized while planning a conference.  The advantage of having an event at our conference space in NY, however, is that we will help you plan all of the details.  We will assist in setting up the conference space in NY by preparing the space for the desired amount of guests and catering the conference.  While we figure out the logistics, we want you to focus on how you are going to engage your guests throughout the conference.  Here are some tips on how to have an exciting and thought-provoking event at our conference space in NY.


Table Teams

Whether you assign seats or have your guests choose their seats, turn each table into a team.  Have each group come up with a team name for them to use during activities at the conference center in NY.



It’s important that your conference has activities so that your attendees don’t get bored.  There are different activities that you can organize, such as problem-solving projects, team discussions, team-building games, or any other activity that will get your attendees involved.  It’s always fun to incorporate a friendly competition as well.


Rapid Fire Learning

Instead of one person lecturing the entire time, it’s a good idea to ask multiple speakers to participate.  This is a great way to keep the audience engaged because each speaker will speak for a short period of time, introducing new ideas and new styles of teaching.  This will help keep the audience interested and give them different perspectives.


One-on-One Sessions with Professionals

One strategy to keep attendees engaged is to have ten minute one-on-one sessions at the conference center in NY.  To do this, have your guests sign up and submit a question to the experts before the conference.  Make a designated time for the guests to meet with the field experts to talk about their questions, which will help them better understand the information presented at the event.

At Crestview Conference Center, we have a spacious and comfortable conference center in NY for you and your guests.  While you’re here, make sure to have interesting information and activities to keep your attendees engaged during your conference.